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Jennifer K      37 years old

Camp TUF: The Ultimate Fitness is absolutely amazing. Coach Z is dedicated and passionate about helping people achieve their goals. Really taking the time to get to know you as an individual, he will adjust the workouts to your level and encourages you to push hard enough that you surprise yourself at what you can do. The members there are incredibly supportive, encouraging, and always cheering each other on. Since the gyms opened back up, I have lost 65lbs and gained a substantial amount of muscle. I feel happier and healthier than ever. Camp TUF is truly life changing!


Following Coach Z’s excellent nutrition advice, and constantly showing up to his Camp TUF workouts, has helped me to develop a healthier lifestyle.Having lost 65lbs and gaining muscle, I feel amazing.


Dan G.      28 years old

I first took notice of Camp TUF on social media. The movements and intensity I saw were the kind of thing I couldn’t envision myself doing. That was until one day I just knew I had to step up take my training to the next level. I benefited greatly from the one on one personal training. It allowed for more time to focus on any lifts or movements that needed more attention. The group classes are great too! The team is very supportive and will motivate you to keep going! In the 3 months with camp TUF I lost 12lbs in body weight but also gained a lot of muscle. I looked considerably leaner by the end of those 3 months. With consistency, the direction, and support from Zechariah you’ll be sure to achieve the results you want!

Online Success!


Angela C     51 years old

I joined CampTuf the Ultimate Fitness because I’ve always tried to stay fit but my regular routine wasn’t working for me anymore. I’m getting to the age where I need to grab hold of my fitness and diet and keep strong. CampTuf has taught me that the things I couldn’t do are possible, it has taught me fitness is a consistent lifestyle choice, at first I thought that it would not fit in with my schedule but after a few months I realized that it helped me to keep up with my schedule and pushed me to make better choices with everything. Giving me more energy to do my work. More focus. It is stress relieving so you have more energy to get the hard things done. Not only physically has my life changed but also mentally. I soon learned how much of a family type atmosphere we have there and we all push and encourage each other both at gym and in our personal lives. We have all become close.

Coach Z is the best coach I know. Caring about us all not just at gym but also with our nutrition and making sure we keep good posture and form at all times to prevent injury, we keep learning more and more about healthy living in general. I am so glad I found CampTuf!

Carl T     47 years old

When I first got to Camp TUF I weighed 260# the heaviest of my life. I have had two back surgeries and three neck surgeries which made me very nervous to do any type of weight training. Over the last 5 months I have transformed so much I am down 30# total weight but have gained muscle so from what Coach Z says I have dropped roughly 50# of fat replacing it with muscle. Coach Z is amazing at teaching how to work with what you have to increase cardio and strength. He adjust the workout to what you are able to actually do and then pushes over time to help build muscle to replace the fat. Since starting as an out of shape 47 year old I have went from doing barely 2 burpees in a row to crushing 25 in under 2 minutes and mile run of over 17 minutes to now under 11 minutes. I have also went from deadlifting barely 150# to doing 285# and still building. Coach Z has also worked with a few minor injuries from outside the gym I had to keep me working on the rest of my body while recovering by modifying daily workouts to keep pushing me to grow. I truly value his knowledge of the body and nutrition. Now I enjoy going to gym instead of coming up with every excuse to not go. In all Coach Z has helped turn my life around for the better and everyone around me can see the changes he has helped me accomplish in such a short time. If you are looking for a place that has a family atmosphere and will NEVER judge you for failing but instead encourages you to push through then I would DEFINITELY recommend Camp TUF and Coach Z.

Judy J     72 years old

Our coach Zech is the best of the best!  Even on Zoom with 7+ participants, he’ll stick with you to correct your form until it’s perfect.   Perfect form keeps those muscles tight and joints loose. He’s been keeping me young and strong for eight years now!

Lurie B     62 years old

I have been training with Coach Zech for 4 plus years and very satisfied with the results I’ve experienced during my time in Camp TUF.  I’ve lost over 25lbs and have been successful in maintaining my weight loss and toning of my muscles.  The individual attention received by Coach Zech is great.  All your needs and concerns are addressed personally by Coach Zech.  He knows his participants capabilities and makes sure he is familiar with all his clients   I highly recommend Camp TUF.

Pamela D     67 years old

I like the fact that the classes are offered online, which means that I have the option of participating in class away from my home. 


The workouts change daily which make the classes more interesting.


The instructor is willing to modify the movements so that everyone, regardless of their level of fitness, can participate.  


You don't need a "home gym" to participate in the class.  A minimal amount of equipment is sufficient to get the most out of a workout. Where you don't have the exact equipment needed, the instructor always has a recommendation or suggestion for an appropriate substitute.  


I find that the intensity of the workout over a 30-minute period has given me results (weight loss) that I did not see in previous hour long classes over the same period of time, approximately four months.


Participating in Camp Tuf has increased my strength and stamina, and with the accompanying weight loss has encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle.

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Corey J     29 years old

The camaraderie is what helps push myself. The workouts can be demanding, which is good. Mental healing, if not physical. I like the dependability of the schedule/routines.

Never met someone with so much passion for fitness ever!! People think CrossFit is intimidating but Zack designs all the workouts to cater to whatever limitation physically you may have. Love it here!!

Susan J     71 years old

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