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TUF Games 2023


“Teams of 6”

(3 males; 3 females)

3 WODs + 1 Floater

Workout 1: “Crop Top”

(For time)

50 synchronized dbell hang snatches

(any M/F pair) 30/50lb

500m row x2 (M/F 1 )

50 synchronized dbell hang snatches

(any M/F pair) 40/60lb

500m row x2 (M/F 2)

50 synchronized dbell hang snatches

(any M/F pair) 50/70lb

500m row x2 (M/F 3)

(Snatches and row go at the same time; 2 rowers going at once; both must reach 500m before advancing to next round)

Scaled: 20/35lb, 25/45lb; 30/55lb

Workout 2: “Earthquake”

(8 minutes to establish)

3 RM touch & go Clean

(Any clean variation acceptable)

Workout 3: “Heavy Phonebook”

(12 minute AMRAP)

15 Sync Burpee to bumper (any 3)

30 synchro thrusters (any 2 M/F)

Rx: 85/115lb Scaled: 65/95lb

Floater: “Popeye’s Spinach”

Part 1:

(3 minute Max)

Tire Flips

(M/F one side, switch every flip)

-rest 1 minute then immediately-

Part 2:

Max: Team Tire Hold

(Hold until failure; when any part of the tire hits the ground)

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