10/6/2021 WOD

A. Dynamic Stretches

B. “Partner”

(For time)

1,000 double Unders

600 air squats

(1 person works; 1 person rests)

(Switch off as much as needed)

(*every switch = 100m run to start the next round)

C. “Partner”

(For time)

150 dips

- 5 caterpillars

(1 person competes dips; 1 person completes caterpillars)

(Switch every 5 caterpillars)

D. Static stretches

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A. Dynamic Stretches B. (For time) 800m run 100 pull ups 800m run 200 push ups 800m run 300 air squats 800m run C. Static stretches

Hyrox at Camp TUF (8:00am-10:00am)

A. Dynamic Stretches B. (For time) 750 mountain climbers *every 30 seconds = 5 v-ups C. (For Strength/ Technique) Deadlift 2-2-2-2-2 @ 85% D. (12 min Clock) TUF Cleaning :)