10/20/2021 WOD

A. Dynamic Stretches

B. “Abi’s Bday WOD”

(As many rounds as possible in 36 minutes)

10 Dbell snatches (dbell each hand)

20 burpees

10 Dbell deadlifts (dbell each hand)

20 box jumps or step ups

(*at the 20:00 mark; run 1 mile)

  • Immediately after 36 minutes:


36 Dbell single arm alternating devil press

C. Static stretches

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12/6/2021 WOD

A. Dynamic Stretches B. (For quality) 300 Ice skaters with pause C. “Angie” (For time) 100 Dbell bent over rows (dbell each hand) 100 push ups 100 sit ups 100 air squats D. Static stretches