Our Programs

The 3 Goals:

1. Longevity 

2. Injury Prevention

3. Quality of life 


The 3 Needs:

1. Health (HR, BP, weight, body fat %) 

2. Limitations and extremities 

3. Strength with functional fitness 


The 3 Steps:

1. Cardiovascular Endurance & Nutrition “3:1 rule” 

2. ROM, mobility, flexibility, muscle symmetry 

3. Finding intensity, strength, endurance, and other major fitness components (such as coordination, speed, power, etc) using majority functional movements that overall benefit us inside and outside of the gym.  

Through this program, we accommodate each workout to your specific goal. We modify each workout based on your current potential. Not only is our program extremely effective; we also keep each workout of the day (WOD) FUN! Here are a couple of ways we meet the 3 goals:

Group Class

This is our most popular program! Join in on any of the classes we offer Monday - Saturday at any time! Our group class has been described as more of a “family fun” program. Everyone that comes to our group class - big, small, tall, short, young, old, beginner or advanced - all have a similar goal: to be healthy! We use these group classes to push each other daily towards each other’s goals!


What You'll Get

  • The ultimate fitness group experience

  • Group and individual accountability

  • Personal health/wellness guidance 

  • Movement accountability 

  • Modified programming


TUF Unlimited (EFT - autopay each month):

$125 each month for 12 months
$150 each month for 6 months
$185 each month for 3 months


TUF Hero Pack (pay upfront): 

$1,200 today for 12 months unlimited
$750 today for 6 months unlimited
$450 today for 3 months unlimited


**(NEW-DEAL) TUF “6-Week Transformation Challenge”:
$249 for 6 weeks unlimited (find out how to get this for FREE!)


TUF Pass: 

$150 for 10 classes
$80 for 5 classes





Personal Training

If you’re looking to experience our program more in-depth, we offer individualized training focusing more on the fundamentals and the “3-step Plan” to get you where you want quickly and efficiently. 

What You'll Get

  • The ultimate program specifically made just for YOU!

  • 1-on-1 sessions 

  • Personal health/wellness guidance 

  • Movement accountability 

  • Personal programming 


$45-$65 a session (appointment)


At Home Personal Training

Can’t make it in time to the gym because of work? WE COME TO YOU! Just like our personal training program but we bring our program to you!

What You'll Get

  • The ultimate program for your home/office!

  • We come to YOU! 

  • 1-on-1 sessions 

  • Personal health/wellness guidance 

  • Movement accountability 

  • Personal programming



Appointment only​


Online Personal Training

Live too far from our facility? No sweat! We offer the ultimate personal training program all through ONLINE specifically made just for you! Workout at your own convenience at any time or any place! All we ask is you grab a pair of Dumbbells! 


What You'll Get

  • 20 workouts are released each month, 1 new workout posted the night before each day. 

  • We urge for at least 3 workouts to be done each week (12 workouts in the month) in order to find the best results! 

  • We explain the format, and breakdown of specifics for the workout within each workout in order to find the right intensity and best results for YOU! 

  • We text/email, call, check-in each workout day and send tips about each workout.

  • We also have you send videos/small clips each week so we know you did the workout correctly along with your results/times/numbers. 

  • We track the results of each workout and also what you’re eating in order to get the full benefit of the program. Basically the hour you decide to workout you need to write down the weights, reps, rounds, times, etc. 

  • If you have questions about any of the movements; video your workout or a small clip and send that clip each time so we know you’re doing everything correctly for max results!! We send videos/clips back for every movement you have questions/concerns with and for corrections!! 


$49.99 a month


TUF Member Subscription

Not exactly looking for personal guidance but still want to follow our program? Come on, let’s go! FULL ACCESS to our member's page, unlimited access to ALL of our workouts, health tips, diet/nutrition tips, and more!

What You'll Get

  • (20) workouts released each month 

  • (1) new workout posted the night before every day M-F 

  • (2) versions of the workout are posted: 1 original prescription program, 1 modified program 

  • Unlimited access to ALL workouts 

  • Fitness, health, diet/nutrition tips 


$14.99 a month

*First Month Trial FREE*

"Fast Pack" Subscription

The ultimate Nutrition Personal Training program. If you want to get to your goal FAST: This is the program for you. Not only do we run a great program for you in and out of the gym but we also run a great diet/nutrition program for you as well! Follow our steps to this program to accelerate maximum results FAST! 


What You'll Get

  • The ultimate package to get where you want FAST! 

  • Nutrition accountability (daily check-ins) 

  • Nutrition guidance 

  • Nutrition scheduling 

  • Weight loss or performance 


$50 each month for 12 months

$75 each month for 6 months

$100 each month for 3 months

“Flash Hero Packs”
$500 (12 months)
$400 (6 months)
$250 (3 months)

Camp TUF Live!

This is our online Zoom class!

What You'll Get

  • Currently running 2 classes a day Monday-Saturday (30-40 min long). 

  • This the live stream chat to receive LIVE coaching plus all the secret sauces each session to get where you want quickly with intensity to YOUR potential and NO injury! (Tips, advice, guidance, for every class) 

  • Community inspiration and motivation!


Online personal training:

$1 for 1-week Trial 



(Zoom Class)

$1 for (3) classes 


Members Subscription 

$1 for 1-week Trial

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