Camp TUF: The Ultimate Fitness is absolutely amazing!!! The encouragement, motivation, and inspiration from Coach Z and the Camp TUF family, gives me immense confidence to continue this journey and be the best version of myself.

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Jennifer K      37 years old


"Camp TUF: The Ultimate Fitness is absolutely amazing. Coach Z is dedicated and passionate about helping people achieve their goals. Really taking the time to get to know you as an individual, he will adjust the workouts to your level and encourages you to push hard enough that you surprise yourself at what you can do. The members there are incredibly supportive, encouraging, and always cheering each other on. I have lost 65lbs and gained a substantial amount of muscle. I feel happier and healthier than ever. Camp TUF is truly life changing!!!

Following Coach Z’s excellent nutrition advice, and constantly showing up to his Camp TUF workouts, has helped me to develop a healthier lifestyle. Having lost 65lbs and gaining muscle, I feel amazing."

What You Get in Your “6 Week Challenge”:

  • FREE Consultation from our Professional Coaches (Originally $49.99)

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Judy J. • 72 years old

“Our coach is the best of the best!  Even on Zoom with 7+ participants, he will stick with you to correct your form until it is perfect. Perfect form keeps those muscles tight and joints loose. He has been keeping me young and strong for eight years now!"

Lurie B. • 62 years old

“I have been training with Coach Z for 4 plus years and very satisfied with the results I’ve experienced during my time in Camp TUF.  I’ve lost over 25lbs and have been successful in maintaining my weight loss and toning of my muscles.  The individual attention received by Coach Z is great.  All your needs and concerns are addressed personally by Coach Zech.  He knows his participants capabilities and makes sure he is familiar with all his clients   I highly recommend Camp TUF!”

Corey J. • 29 years old

“Love it here!! Never met someone with so much passion for fitness ever!! People think Cross Training is intimidating but Coach Z designs all the workouts to cater to whatever limitation physically you may have.”

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