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First timer? No worries!

We start from the ground up. We slowly increase the intensity as you adapt to the program. Every workout comes with modifications to meet your body's current abilities.


We know these workouts can sound intimidating, and it's okay to come in nervous! The point of the workouts is that they ARE challenging - for everybody! Each movement focuses on different strengths, and no one is going to be the best at everything. But the point is to grow individually and with your community! The Camp TUF community is 100% supportive and positive towards everyone walking through the door - whether they've been there for months or it's their first class.

Everyone started as a beginner. Before you know it, you might be the one showing a new member their way around!



Ricky (66) has been with us for a little over 3 months now. Coming in 3-4x weekly, he's made significant improvements in multiple fitness/health components. He has exponentially increased his strength, postural/movement correction, muscle symmetry, flexibility, mobilization, and ROM. While consistently killing it in the gym during the week; Ricky kills it competitively on the weekends in Gravel Races; riding hours over gravel, dirt, and asphalt on multiple trails along amongst hundreds of other riders. Ricky is also a head coach of Peak’s Coaching Group, coaching and programming for others along the process!

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