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  • At Camp TUF, we are not your average gym! We have found the secrets to achieving MASSIVE success in your fitness, health, and wellness journey! Techniques that most trainers/ gyms will not tell you or will know, to help you get results FASTER than other programs!


  • If your goal is to lose weight, build muscle / strength, increase energy, boost your confidence, or develop a healthy lifestyle, we can help you reach any goal GUARANTEED!


  • We program a NEW workout each day for every member in our program, whether they are attending our Group session, using our Online Program, or receiving Personal Training!

  • We've developed a proven program that helps you reach your goals much quicker than other programs, personalized for every individual:


  • Each workout is run by our excellent coaches looking to personalize each workout for every individual, working with ALL AGES and ALL LEVELS of fitness!


  • We’ve also created an extremely effective personalized Nutrition program! This proven program MAXIMIZES your results so that you can have your cake and eat it too! A program so simple to follow that all your friends and family will wonder why you get to eat such delicious food and still see AWESOME results!



Zechariah O'Rarden

Owner and Head Coach


B.S. Kinesiology 



  • Our program also consists of a professional accountability system! Not only will you receive GREAT accountability from our coaches, but you will also get it from our awesome community as well!


  • Our community has been shown as a “family” and your biggest support system! Each member pushes each other every day, bringing everyone closer to their desired goal!


  • Through this highly developed program, we have made it our passion to not only help you reach the goal of your dreams but to keep the program SIMPLE and ENJOYABLE just for you!

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