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At Camp TUF: The Ultimate Fitness, we are not your average gym! If your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, longevity, injury prevention, aesthetics, or even athletic performance, we can help you reach it!

We program a new workout each day for every member in our program, whether they are attending a Group Class, have an Online Subscription, or are receiving personal training.

We've developed a 3-step program that brings you to your goals much quicker than most programs:


The 3 Goals:

1. Longevity 

2. Injury Prevention

3. Quality of life 


The 3 Needs:

1. Health (HR, BP, weight, body fat %) 

2. Limitations and extremities 

3. Strength with functional fitness 


The 3 Steps:

1. Cardiovascular Endurance & Nutrition “3:1 rule” 

2. ROM, mobility, flexibility, muscle symmetry 

3. Finding intensity, strength, endurance, and other major fitness components (such as coordination, speed, power, etc) using majority functional movements that overall benefit us inside and outside of the gym.  

Through this program, we accommodate each workout to your specific goal. We modify each workout based on your current potential. Not only is our program extremely effective; we also keep each workout of the day (WOD) FUN!


Our community has been shown as a “family”. Each member pushes each other each day which brings everyone closer to their goals!

Our Coach

Zechariah O'Rarden

B.S. Kinesiology 

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Camp TUF

The Ultimate Fitness

2224 W Park Row Dr.  Pantego, TX 76013

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